Raphael Daniel presenting GRASSES – TRINITY

I love creating art that inspires people, helps them to make thoughts about their own life and, perhaps, will help them perceive the spiritual world in and around us.

I work on my art next to my job in IT with the strong belief, that art can help us all be creative in solving daily problems, think outside the box and thus contribute to making the world a better place.

Already as a youth I had my own black & white photo lab and I loved taking pictures. After my studies as forest engineer and while raising my great kids together with my wonderful wife I realised that I as a person must change if I want to achieve anything in life – a life’s journey began of ups and downs resulting in constant inner change!

With my art I take you with me on the path of change and passion for life and I strongly believe that you will profit from my art in one way or another and, maybe, even be empowered to live your calling here on earth – enjoy!