The MyWay 20-22 series consists of pictures I have taken in 2020, 2021 and 2022 and it depicts my inner processes I have been going through towards becoming who I was made to BE. Inner processes are often connected to time (this is why the date when the picture was taken is displayed) and place where things were a topic for me. The topic is written both in German and English as this is my every day life – bilingual.

This series consists of 3×12 pictures, all with my experience attached to them. These pictures are available as an Art Book, as prints and – of some selected pictures – I have made a movie: see below, together with some samples of the pictures.

MyWay#8 – FEAR @ Winterthur – Switzerland:
Very quickly I was torn out of my dream. Reality. Everyday life with all its obligations, limitations and stress. I again started looking at where I am, at details, what I can see in and around me – fear filled my heart! Fear to get out of my comfort zone. Fear to fail. Fear to disappoint people.
MyWay#16 – WAY OUT @ Trümmelbach Falls – Switzerland:
Another inner drive: together with my wife and kids we ended up visiting many art exhibitions, mainly in Zurich and Basel but also in other parts of Switzerland. This had me understand the art world more and more and after studying exhibition catalogues I felt more and more as an artist – The Way Out!
MyWay#35 – TRUST @ London (Eye) – UK:
Despite all my imperfections, or because of them, I feel more and more like flying over all my issues and problems – when I TRUST the Higher Power within me, in every area of my life (and this is a challenge, I tell you…)!