GRASSES – THE NINTH HOUR | 9 Pictures, each 40cm x 60cm

9 Grasses – The Ninth Hour is a collection of black & white photographs of grasses.

The life behind the scene, meaning the spiritual beings behind a grass, is still not visible on these pictures, since at this point in time we have no perception of the spiritual world.

The number nine is the number of fulfilment.

The ninth hour is the fulfilment of the earthly visible things. 

The number seven is part of our life. Our life can be divided into stages of about seven years each. In music we have seven basic tones. White light in a prism produces the seven spectral colours. Every one of us has seen a rainbow: it also consists of seven colours

The rainbow is a sign of a covenant, first seen with Noah and the arc. The resurrection of Christ brought the new covenant God made with us. We can activate the power of Christ in us to perceive the spiritual world.

The pictures in this part of the series are in colour but still have no faces: As humanity we are in a process of sensing the spiritual world better and better, but still have no clear view of it. 


GRASSES – TRINITY | This Piece of Art consists of Picture: 120cm x 200cm, Box: 60cm x 60cm x 50cm, Book: 30cm x 30cm

The third part of the Grasses-Series shows where we are heading to. 

There are different aspects of trinity: We as human beings have spirit, soul and body – a trinity. But trinity also refers to God: God the Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit. 

We are heading to unity with God. Understanding it, feeling it, experiencing it, living it. 

This is the aim of the way which we are on. 

Therefore every one of the three pictures has a clearly visible face: the more we are one with God, the more clarity and peace we have – the spiritual world is no longer a myth but reality.